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From - Glasscoat Cosmic V2 "produces a distinctive finish with the cold tones of silica and the warm tones of carnauba in a symphony of gloss".

Exterior Detail Finished with PolishAngel Cosmic V2 Application 
Protection lasting 18 to 24 months with reasonable regular maintenance. 

Once the exterior of your vehicle is completely prepped as explained on the About Our Services page the painted surfaces of your vehicle will be primed with Glasscoat Invincible Primer then protected with a layer of Cosmic V2, cured with infrared light to encourage superior hardness and gloss. Other surfaces such as trim, rims, tires and glass will be protected with the appropriate coating product.

 Required time +/- 24 hours (needs overnight stay to 'cure') 

                                                      Car          Truck, SUV, Xover    Oversized(above 3/4 ton) 
Exterior detail, paint 
correction and 
application of Cosmic V6     $575.00          $675.00              $750.00
Interior Detailing - $150.00 additional fee

A full interior detailing will include a complete vacuuming including cabin interior, trunk and console storage areas, all interior surfaces will be cleaned and protected with the correct coating application - leaving your interior factory fresh, not overly deodorized and greasy. Carpets, mats and upholstery will be shampooed, stains will be removed if possible to do so safely, by hand not with an extractor which will break down the fibers of the material.

Coating Maintenance Detail 

We recommend seeing your coated vehicle at least once per year for a Coating Maintenance Detail  which includes an interior vacuum and wipe down (no extensive shampooing or stain removal), windows cleaned in and out, hand wash with minute inspection of the coating and application of Glasscoat Cosmic Spritz to extend the protection, gloss and hydrophobic qualities of your coating.
Required time +/- 3 to 4 hours - $175.00.00 for car, $200.00 for larger vehicles

Should you decide to maintain your vehicle yourself we will be happy to assist you with instruction and maintenance product information and samples to be able to do so.


Maintenance products now in stock and available at The Shine Shop!


***PLEASE NOTE*** We do reserve the right to take photos before/during/after services on your vehicle for use on this website and social media for the purpose of promoting our services and the great products we use. Please indicate if this will be a concern for you and we will not use your vehicle photos.

All pricing is based on a single stage correction and subject to change based on condition of vehicle.

Listed prices effective 07/03/2017 Payment by cash, check or securely online with credit/debit card payment through your QuickBooks Invoice.

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