SPS Graphene

A new idea in automotive paint protection.

" SPS Graphene is the creation of founder Alfred Yow, who sought to create the best coating on the market by pushing the bounds of technology, research, and development. Graphene reduces heat on the substrate, making water spotting much less likely and bird droppings come off with ease, without damaging the coating or substrate, unlike ceramic coatings." (www.surfaceprotectivesolutions.com)

Application of SPS Graphene - to protect your painted surfaces from wash induced micro marring as well as environmental effects.

(Paint protection lasting up to 3+/- years with reasonable regular maintenance.)

Once the exterior of your vehicle is completely prepped as explained on the About Our Services page the painted surfaces of your vehicle will be protected with installation of one coat of SPS Graphene.

Required time +/- 24 hours (due to overnight air cure time)

CAR - $650.00


***PLEASE NOTE*** We do reserve the right to take photos before/during/after services on your vehicle for use on this website and social media for the purpose of promoting our services and the great products we use. Please indicate if this will be a concern for you and we will not use your vehicle photos.

All pricing is based on a single stage correction and subject to change based on condition of vehicle.

Listed prices effective 06/01/2019 Payment by cash, check or securely online with credit/debit card payment through your QuickBooks Invoice.